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From 1922 as a small watch repair shop in downtown Albany, to our repair center in Stuyvesant Plaza, watches are an integral part of our business. 

You will be impressed with our state of the art technology. Our on site watchmaker, Zoltan Balazs is a graduate of the prestigious Lititz Watch Technicum and holds certificates from CW21(Certified Watchmaker of the 21st Century) and the SAWTA (Swiss American Watchmakers Training Alliance). Stop by to speak with a service professional and gain first hand knowledge of the convenient services we offer.

You can keep your watch running with optimal precision, and preserve its resale value, by allowing us to conduct maintenance at regular intervals every 4-8 years. Our watchmakers will disassemble the entire mechanism, scrutinize every component to ensure that it is fully functional and replace any damaged parts. Before reassembling, we clean and lubricate it. The case and wristband are cleansed and refurbished as well. Afterwards the movement is adjusted in an electronic test run. We monitor the precision of the timepiece during several days of testing. Finally, we restore the water-resistance according to the manufacturer's specifications and recheck all watch functions. Watches which have been overhauled leave our workshop with a two year service guarantee (on specific models).

Our professional staff will provide the perfect fit

Battery Replacement
We will replace your watch's battery, and if needed electronically test the movements for water resistance

Other Watch Repair Services
Timing calibrations, crystal replacement and more

Frank Adams Jewelers is a proud holder of the Rolex Plaque Account, a distinction that only a limited number of retail stores in the world have attained. This designates Frank Adams as an Rolex Authorized Service Center, allowing us to service the majority of modern and classic models in-house. Included in each complete service is a two year, international warranty honored at any Rolex Authorized Service Center world-wide.

To directly contact our service department for jewelry or watch repair related inquiries:


Along with telling time, watches can complement your style, and make life easier in many ways through their useful functions. In order to keep them performing at peak capacity and maintaining their luxurious appearance, have your timepiece cleaned and repaired to remain in good working condition. Basics of watch care include regular cleaning, avoiding soaps and chemicals, and keeping your watch away from excessive heat and magnets. To learn the best way to care for your specific watch, familiarize yourself with what your particular model needs so you can give it the attention it deserves.


Regular cleaning keeps dirt and grime from building up on your watch and working their way inside where it can do serious damage. A soft cloth will remove surface-level dust but be sure to stay away from cleansers as they can dull the metal, discolor soft bands, and damage the crystal. For a deep clean take your timepiece to a professional like Frank Adams Jewelers to keep every component clean without causing unnecessary damage. Keeping your watch wound is also key to your watch’s performance. Watches with quartz movements don’t require frequent winding but if your watch is equipped with automatic movement, it will require regular winding. Turning the crown 30-40 times will build up the energy needed to keep your watch accurate for several days.


The gaskets and seals on a watch are what keep the delicate inner workings from being damaged from dirt or moisture. Waterproof watches are designed to keep destructive moisture out, but over time, these gaskets and seals can wear down, even in watches designed to be submerged like diving watches. Whether your watch is waterproof or not, play it safe and have a professional inspection done every few years in order to prevent damage from occurring. This service is not only a great way to maintain the gaskets and seals but to check for minute cracks in the crystal or loose screws that could lead to future problems.


Frank Adams Jewelers, now the premier destination for luxury watches and fine jewelry in Albany, began as a small watch repair shop in 1922. Since that time, four generations of our family have focused on bringing time-honored gifts of luxury to you and your loved ones. Our expert staff, which includes a professional horologist, is thrilled to not only help you care for your treasured timepieces but help you select the perfect piece when it is time to shop for a special gift. For more information on our services or collections, contact us via email at today!

Timepiece Repair