Frank Adams Jewelers and Albany, New York

For a century, we at Frank Adams Jewelers have been purveyors of the finer things in Albany. It is our pride and joy to offer romantic bridal jewelry, attractive fashion jewelry, and luxurious timepieces to our discerning neighbors. While Albany is best known as the capital of the Empire State, it is also a place full of wonders. With a myriad of magnificent museums and a historically rich art culture, there’s much to do in our fair city. It is also home to breathtaking views of the Hudson and surrounding woodlands. 

What to Look for in a Jeweler

You deserve the best, which is why you should find the best jeweler in your area, like we provide to the people of Albany from our Frank Adams showroom. Find a jewelry store with a suitable selection of the latest designer brands. It would be a true tragedy to leave with anything besides your dream piece, just because they do not have it. To find out their inventory, simply browse their website or call them. It’s also important to check the credentials of their staff. You need a team of certified professionals to assist you in finding your perfect accessory. Make sure they have gemologists certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the American Gem Society (AGS), or some other reputable organization.

Benefits of Shopping at Your Local Jewelry Store

The primary benefit of shopping at a local showroom is the customer service. With a local jeweler, the people who work there are your neighbors. They have a vested interest in creating and maintaining good relationships with their customers. Not only is it essential for their business, but it’s always essential to be friendly with the people around you. Another reason why supporting local businesses is important is because you are supporting your community. By enriching the lives of the people who live in your town, you are making it a better place to live. We are proud of our spot in Albany and will continue to grow our Frank Adams Jewelers family within our local communities for many years to come. 

Why Shop at Frank Adams Jewelers?

Frank Adams Jewelers is your local jewelry store. With our diverse selection of fine, beautiful jewelry and unbeatable customer service, we guarantee that your shopping experience will be unforgettable. We only employ the most skilled craftsmen and jewelry professionals in Albany. Each is certified and trained by the most reputable organizations in the field. From our high-end jewelry repair services to our expert appraisals, all of our jewelry services are performed by those with a passion for gemstones, luxury accessories, and customer service. Contact our showroom by calling us at (518) 435-0075 to speak with our staff.