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An appraisal is an opinion as to the authenticity, quality, design and value of a piece of property based on and supported by training, equipment and experience in the field of jewelry appraising. It is a written statement independently prepared by a qualified appraiser, setting forth an opinion of the defined value of an item on a specific date and supported by the presentation and analysis of relative market information. Remember, an item of jewelry has many different values depending on why you are having it appraised. Obtain insurance in order to be protected in case of loss or damage. Note: An insurance appraisal is only appropriate for use by your insurance company, it is not valid for selling an item or for any other purpose. For additional questions or to schedule an appointment please contact us at:


A delicate yet vibrant accessory, gemstone fashion rings are desired for their diversity and wearability. An outfit is not complete without a bold cocktail ring featuring an oversized gem for a night out on the town. A more subtle design is the perfect coordinating piece to add a playful flair to an everyday look. Offered in a variety of hues, shapes, and styles, gemstone fashion rings work well when paired with additional accessories like stacked rings or glittering bracelets. From dazzling citrine, amethyst and opal to precious gemstones such as rubies and sapphires, these vivid rings will make any woman feel full of life. 


David Yurman offers alluring designs inspired by natural beauty and textured lines, utilizing top-of-the-line materials and glistening gemstones. The Châtelaine® gemstone rings feature delicately set blue topaz, dewy prasiolite, or black onyx with petite diamond-accented prongs. These rings allow David Yurman’s signature cushion cut gems to radiate as the centerpiece. The DY Elements collection explores circular silhouettes for a modern take on a classic style. Find gemstone fashion rings crafted with David Yurman’s trademark twisted cable design framing the oval cut stone. Sleek horizontally set emerald cut gems are the stars of the Novella collection, each crowned with a halo of diamonds.

Capturing the brilliant hue of each gemstone exquisitely, Jane Taylor jewelry is vibrant and lush with a special eye for sculptural symmetry. Holding a deep passion for jewelry, Jane Taylor personally assesses every gemstone used for optimal color and cutting. This quality and dedication can be seen in the designers captivating gemstone fashion rings. Half eternity bands showcase a window of gems either larger cut stones six across, or smaller stones set in a row of ten. Choose from Australian opal, Colombian emerald, or an array of shimmering gemstones in various hues. These gemstone fashion rings can be worn alone or stacked, mixing and matching easily for any occasion. 


At Frank Adams Jewelers, we have been dedicated to retailing the finest gemstone fashion rings and designer jewelry in Albany, New York for nearly a century. Starting as a watch repair shop in 1922, Frank Adams Jewelers blossomed into ‘Albany’s Finest’ through hard work and dedication. A short distance from the surrounding cities of Schenectady, Troy, and Saratoga Springs, we welcome new customers to stop by for a visit to experience a premier jewelry shopping experience. We value building strong connections with every customer who walks through the door. For more information about the variety of services we have to offer, call (518)435-0075 or contact us online.