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Birthstone Jewelry Gifts for Every Birth Month

May 20th, 2024

a white gold necklace in a box with a sapphire center stone

Celebrating one's unique qualities and cherished moments can beautifully be expressed through the personal touch of gemstone jewelry representing their birth month. These stones can be deeply sentimental, as each piece is not only adorned with a stone tailored to the individual's birth month, but also embodies a connection to personal stories and milestones. Such jewelry makes an ideal gift, providing a touch of personalized elegance and a lasting memory of special occasions. Frank Adams Jewelers has curated a guide to some of the most charming and distinctive jewelry pieces for every month, helping you choose the perfect representation of someone's special qualities.

a pair of garnet stud earrings in a white gold setting

January – Garnet

Vibrant and rich, the deep red hue of garnet– the gem that marks the first month of the year– exudes warmth and energy. Known for its durability and brilliance, this gem is a symbol of friendship and trust, making it a thoughtful gift. These Petite Chatelaine stud earrings, featuring this alluring gem surrounded by diamonds, encapsulate these qualities perfectly.

a white gold necklace featuring an amethyst pendant

February – Amethyst

Radiating a calming violet hue, the amethyst is cherished for its soothing properties and regal presence. Historically associated with tranquility and clarity, it makes a meaningful gift that adds a splash of color and elegance. This Petite Chatelaine bezel pendant necklace is a stunning way to wear this captivating stone, framed beautifully by diamonds.

a woman’s hand wearing a pear shape aquamarine fashion ring

March – Aquamarine

Symbolizing serenity, the cool blue of March's birthstone, aquamarine, mirrors the tranquil depths of the ocean. Monica Rich Kosann brilliantly captures this essence, crafting pieces that reflect the gem’s clarity and calm. For those seeking the ideal March birthday gift, the collection at Frank Adams Jewelers showcases the exquisite use of this gemstone, offering elegant options that will resonate deeply with the bearer.

a white gold diamond tennis bracelet

April – Diamond

Celebrated for its unmatched brilliance and strength, April’s birthstone, diamond, embodies enduring beauty and resilience. This gem is not only the hardest known material but also a symbol of eternal love and commitment. A quintessential expression of these traits is the tennis bracelet. Jack Kelege's sophisticated design available at Frank Adams Jewelers makes a classic and elegant gift for an April birthday.

a yellow gold fashion ring featuring round cut emeralds

May – Emerald

The emerald, May's birthstone, is celebrated for its vibrant green color that captures the essence of spring's renewal and growth. This gem is not only eye-catching but also rich in symbolism, representing rebirth and good fortune. A stunning example is this Jane Taylor fashion ring, an exquisite gift that keeps the giver in the recipient's thoughts every time it catches their eye.

a white gold chain bracelet featuring pearls

June – Pearl/Alexandrite

June's beloved birthstone, the pearl, is cherished for its natural elegance and the subtle iridescence that each unique orb exudes. Symbolizing purity and wisdom, pearls make a sophisticated statement. This extravagant pearl chain bracelet beautifully showcases these lustrous gems, making it an exceptional gift for someone born in June, offering a daily reminder of elegance and thoughtfulness from the giver.

a pair of yellow gold huggie earrings featuring pear shape rubies

July – Ruby

Renowned for its deep red color that symbolizes passion and vitality, rubies, the birthstone for July, are expertly crafted into exquisite jewelry by Kwiat, a distinguished brand at Frank Adams Jewelers. Their creations are not merely ornamental; they are phenomenal gifts that resonate deeply with individuals celebrating their birth in this vibrant month.

a mixed metal fashion ring featuring a peridot gemstone

August – Peridot

Captivating with its unique lime green hue, the birthstone for those born in August symbolizes strength and peace. Thought to bring good fortune and vitality, this vibrant gem is showcased magnificently in this Petite Chatelaine fashion ring. Its bright, cheerful essence makes it a superb gift for someone celebrating their birth in this month.

a yellow gold bar necklace set with round cut sapphires

September – Sapphire

Renowned for its deep blue hue that evokes a sense of calm and nobility, the birthstone for those born in September is both striking and significant. This versatile and alluring Petite Pavé bar necklace, adorned with this elegant gem and set in 18k yellow gold, is an excellent gift choice. It subtly enhances any look with its timeless beauty, making it perfect for September celebrants.

a yellow gold fashion ring featuring opals arranged into a flower

October – Opal/Tourmaline

Celebrated for its play of color and enchanting iridescence, the birthstone for those born in October is a marvel of natural beauty. This gorgeous Jane Taylor fashion ring, featuring five of these gems arranged into a floral shape, embodies whimsy and charm. This unique piece makes an imaginative and thoughtful gift, perfect for celebrating an October birthday.

a silver cuff bracelet with two citrine gems

November – Topaz/Citrine

Renowned for its warm yellow hue, the birthstone for those born in November is believed to bring vitality and health to its wearer. This bold Classic Cable bracelet, featuring this vibrant gem set in a sterling silver and 14k yellow gold frame, captures the essence of autumn. This elegant piece is a perfect gift to celebrate the sunny disposition of a November-born individual.

a beaded turquoise bracelet with a silver toned clasp

December – Turquoise

Admired for its captivating blue-green color and protective properties, the birthstone for those born in the final month of the year symbolizes wisdom and tranquility. This David Yurman Hex Bead bracelet, featuring this striking stone, offers a versatile and fashionable gift option. Its elegant beads not only enhance style but also carry a meaningful, personal touch for December celebrants.

a white gold bracelet with station set blue gemstones

Buy Gorgeous Birthstone Jewelry Gifts at Frank Adams Jewelers

Discover the perfect birthstone jewelry for any month at Frank Adams Jewelers in New York. The selection available at our Albany jewelry store features fine jewelry from renowned designers, capturing the essence of each birth month beautifully. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or looking for a meaningful gift, visit our store. To ensure a tailored experience, request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our knowledgeable team members.