Guide to Engagement Ring Sizes

Every hand is unique. From the fingertips to the wrist, every part of the hand is distinct and special. As a result, engagement rings are highly dependent on being able to fit correctly. It should be snug but not tight, comfortable but not loose. Should the ring be too tight, it either can’t be worn or will cut off circulation. Too loose, it might slip off entirely, resulting in a lost or damaged ring. It is essential to ensure the ring is of the right size. Luckily, getting an accurate measurement is relatively quick and easy. Establishments like ours at Frank Adams Jewelers can conduct ring resizing if the ring doesn’t fit perfectly.

What to Keep in Mind about Sizing an Engagement Ring

While everyone has a distinct ring size, sometimes it can change. In the short term, water can prune and constrict fingers, making them shrink. This is one of the reasons it’s essential to take off engagement rings before taking a swim. In the long term, people tend to gain or lose weight. Fingers are no exception and can fluctuate in size accordingly. Even if it’s just a few pounds, it can change one’s ring size. If you suspect that your ring size changes, make sure to re-measure your hand.

Determine Your Ring Size

You have two options for finding your ring size: at home or at the jeweler. The jeweler‘s measurements will be more accurate, but involve a journey outside the home. The DIY process requires a tape measure, a marker, and a ring chart. Pick a point on your finger and wrap the tape around it. Mark where the ends meet. If you don’t like the feel of the tape, you can try a piece of yarn. Just make sure it’s a thin piece, as something too thick will make the measurements inaccurate.

Trust Frank Adams Jewelers to Size Your Engagement Ring

Head to Frank Adams Jewelers for the best jewelry services in Albany, where we’ve been helping people with their jewelry needs since 1922. Our professional goldsmiths and gemologists are well-equipped to help you find your dream ring and ensure it fits perfectly. In addition to ring sizing and resizing, we also offer repair services as well as cleaning and inspections. It is our highest honor to help visitors and New York couples find a symbol for their love. Want to learn more about all our various offerings? Email Friends@FrankAdams.com or call (518) 435-0075 for the answers to all your questions.