We are happy to ultrasonic and steam clean your jewelry at no charge, regardless of where it was purchased. We do provide a free inspection prior to cleaning which we recommend having done every six months to ensure your jewelry looks its best and provides a lifetime of wear.

Jewelry Cleaning Services at Frank Adams Jewelers

At Frank Adams Jewelers we offer steam cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning at no charge, even if you purchased your jewelry somewhere else. We begin with the ultrasonic cleaning which vibrates the jewelry to loosen any dirt and debris that may be stuck in the settings or built up on the surfaces. The next step is a steam cleaning which takes care of any dirt or grime remaining. Precious stones and metals are delicate and can be easily damaged if handled improperly, so these specialized techniques are best left to professionals. We recommend this thorough service at least twice per year in order to ensure that your jewelry remains in pristine condition.

About Our Jewelry Inspection Services

Jewelry inspection services go hand in hand with cleaning as they are both integral to keeping your pieces in excellent condition. Routine cleanings allow jewelry to remain beautiful. Our inspection services are performed during every cleaning service in order to identify any problems on jewelry pieces that need to be addressed or repaired before they cause irreparable damage or loss. We examine the surface of your jewelry and if any issues are identified, we will take note of these factors and help you determine a plan of care that best works with your budget.

We start by inspecting all the prongs under a loupe to identify any that are dented or bent. Next, we will inspect the metal for any wear and tear that appears on the surface or hidden by filigree or settings, followed by checking the gemstones for any chips or cracks and to ensure that all settings are nice and secure. We finish off with a beautiful polish to send you on your way. Often, repairs are simple and can be done quickly to keep your ring in shape, but occasionally there are more serious concerns identified that need more in-depth repair services.

Visit Frank Adams Jewelers for Jewelry Cleaning Services in Albany

At Frank Adams Jewelers, our jewelry cleaning and inspection services are always free of charge. For nearly a century, we have been providing luxury jewelry in Albany and in the surrounding cities of Schenectady, Williamstown, and Bennington, along with dedicated service and quality. Our focus is on family – ours, yours, and the family that is created when a customer chooses to shop with us. That is why keeping your jewelry in excellent condition is a top priority for us. Email us at for your cleaning and inspection so you can find out for yourself why we are “Albany’s Finest.”

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