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Every bride-to-be deserves an engagement ring that is a gorgeous representation of their own unique style and spirit. The dazzling center stone will play an integral role in determining your ring's final appearance and essence, and the options are endless. At Frank Adams Jewelers, you are sure to find the cut that speaks to you, and our diamond shape guide is the perfect way to gain some inspiration.


This classic beauty is at the top of the list of favorite diamond cuts each year, and it is not hard to understand why. Thanks to its jaw-dropping 58 facets and endless angles, the round cut diamond emits unsurpassed brilliance. This universally flattering shape fits into every setting flawlessly and will compliment any bride-to-be. Because of its popularity, the setting choices that work well with round cut diamonds are unlimited. Whether you envision a timeless solitaire or a rind dripping with diamond accents, a round cut diamond is an eye-catching centerpiece.


The oval cut diamond’s distinctively feminine and romantic shape is breathtaking. Its elongated surface area gives this cut intense sparkle and, when set in gorgeously delicate settings, its radiance is enchanting. The shape of the oval cut diamond is enhanced when flanked by glittering diamonds or embraced by a show-stopping halo for a more decadent style. These diamonds are best suited for the bride who appreciates traditional elegance but wants a more alluring shape in comparison to the round cut diamond.


Second only to the round cut diamond in terms of popularity, the chic princess cut diamond is equally feminine and modern with its geometric lines and distinctive square shape. These attention grabbers are simply glamorous and are regarded as a beautiful alternative to round cut diamonds with almost the same amount of spectacular sparkle. Whether these beauties are in an ornate halo or a symbolic three stone ring, these gems bring a modern edge to any engagement ring style.


The elongated facets of dazzling emerald cut diamonds create an awe-inspiring display of light as they act as a hall of mirrors reflecting light in all directions. Making up only 3% of the diamonds in the world, these gorgeous gems are among the most unique and coveted available. Exquisite in a solitaire setting, the emerald cut’s sparkle really comes to life when accompanied by elegant baguette diamonds or other side stones. Emerald cut diamonds shine in vintage-inspired settings or entirely modern engagement ring styles.


Marrying the romantic charm of the round brilliant with the distinctive style of the marquise cut, the pear shape diamond is the ultimate balance of feminine sophistication. This cut also has a special factor that allows brides to choose between a longer, more slender pear shaped diamond, or a shorter more robust stone, making them among the most versatile and unique options for a wide array of settings. These luxurious diamonds can steal the show in a solitaire setting or glisten even more intensely when cradled by a glowing halo of delicate diamonds.