What to Look for in a Jeweler

What to Look for in a Jeweler

There are many jewelers out there, each offering their own signature combination of luxury and service. Not all offer the shopping experience you and your loved ones deserve, however. It’s important to do a bit of research in order to find the jeweler that best suits your needs. Here is what to look out for when purchasing jewelry, whether it's for romance or for fashion.

Positive Community Reputation

The most important thing for any small business, from the fanciest jewelers to the smallest taco trucks, is a positive relationship with their town. As such, any jeweler worth visiting is loved by their community. In today’s digital age, learning a company’s reputation is easier than ever. Simply look them up on a review website like Yelp, Google, or Tripadvisor. At Frank Adams Jewelers, we have a 5-star average, but not all have such a high score. Another thing to look out for is their community outreach. Do they support local charities? That is a sure sign they care about their community’s well-being.

Luxurious Jewelry Selection

Not all jewelers have everything. Some jewelry stores have a minute selection, exhibiting only a few designer brands. A few showrooms offer only timepieces, fashion jewelry, or bridal jewelry. We at Frank Adams Jewelers are purveyors of all three. Moreover, not all jewelers have the spectacular, high-quality jewelry you may be after. To learn more about an establishment’s selection, call them. A jeweler worthy of your patronage would love nothing more than to go over their offerings. You can also browse their website. Many stores will proudly exhibit their inventory online.

Certified Professionals on Staff

Going to a jeweler requires trust. Most customers are not gemologists, so they are relying upon a stranger to inform them of a jewel’s value. That is why it is imperative to check if a jeweler is trained and knowledgeable. There are organizations, like the Gemological Institute of America, built to certify jewelers as gemologists. Through a robust training program, they make sure that jewelers can accurately gauge a gemstone’s authenticity, quality, and size. Trade organizations work with jewelry stores to coordinate their business efforts while ensuring they are upholding ethical business practices.

Discover Fine Jewelry at Frank Adams Jewelers

Look no further than Frank Adams Jewelers for a peerless shopping adventure. Our close relationship with the Albany community, expansive timepiece and jewelry selection, and professional staff ensure an incredible experience. There is no jewelry need that we do not try to fulfill for our customers, which is why we have been in business for almost one hundred years. Contact us by phone at (518) 435-0075 or by email at Friends@FrankAdams.com to learn more.

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