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Your engagement ring will likely be worn for many years, so it should be wonderfully representative of your unique style and personality. Those that prefer the elegant, timeless styles of old should seek out vintage-inspired rings whose influences come primarily from periods like the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco eras. Our team at Frank Adams Jewelers have put together the following guide to popular elements of vintage design that bring charm and character to these rings.


A design element that gained immense popularity during the 1920s and 1930s, milgrain detail is achieved by adding small spheres of metal, laid closely together in lines to create texture and ornate borders. Milgrain’s usage dates back multiple centuries prior in Southeast Asia. This design element is visually dynamic and slightly rough to the touch. It gives the borders between each row of accent stones a bit of flair and excitement.


Organic shapes like scrollwork and lacey flourishes are achieved with metal filigree. This technique gives immaculate Art Deco and Nouveau designs dimension and personality. It is achieved by soldering pliable threads of metal molded into various shapes onto or forming the band of a ring. Filigree is also commonly used to create visual interest in the cathedral or the space directly below the center stone.


Ring engraving is similar to filigree in that it allows for delicate flourishes and organic shapes to be incorporated in the metal and then highlighted by diamonds. It involves either sculpting or carving shapes and lines into the ring's band, usually depicting nature-inspired elements like flowers and vines. This Martin Flyer ring exhibits engraved details on both the top and sides of the band for a wonderfully feminine flair.


In the Art Deco era, bold, geometric shapes were incredibly popular and stood in stark contrast to the soft, flowing lines typical of the designs of periods prior. Squares, rectangles, octagons, and triangles were eye-catching and glamorous, typically wrought in bright yellow gold.


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