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Characteristics of Side Stone Rings

Side stone rings take an understated band and make it remarkable with luxurious diamonds that catch the eye and draw attention to the center stone. Perfect for the glamorous bride, side stone rings feature smaller diamonds that line either thin or thick bands as an extravagant complement to any diamond cut. These bright and brilliant band styles can be crafted to hold various cuts of diamonds from the classic round to bold unique shapes such as marquise. If you’re looking for a ring with extra elegance and sparkle, choose side stone rings to pair with your favorite diamond cut for your center stone.

Popular Side Stone Ring Collections

As one of the most celebrated jewelry designers in America, Martin Flyer handcrafts engagement rings to signify your forever love and incorporates only the finest materials for their pieces that combine functionality with elegance. The vintage micropavé engagement ring style is a meticulously made, dainty band with small diamonds and tiny beads of metal the surround each stone. If you’re looking for an antique style, vintage side stone rings feature engraving and intricate band detailing. Split shank engagement rings, a more traditional style, have a design that makes them stand apart from other rings, drawing the eye to the brilliant center stone.

Jeff Cooper believes that every ring should represent the wearer. Inspired by a polished minimalist style, their designs focus on the simplicity of classic details such as clean lines and handcrafting. Working with platinum, gold, and diamonds, each Jeff Cooper ring, such as their side stone styles, exhibits luxury and dedication. Based in Newport Beach, California, Mark Patterson ethically makes jewelry with the finest gemstones and craftsmanship. The Mark Patterson team works to serve local clients with engagement rings, side stone rings, and custom jewelry designs. Mark Patterson offers services such as repurposing family heirlooms and completes each ring from start to finish.

Why Shop Side Stone Rings at Frank Adams Jewelers?

Frank Adams Jewelers is a 4th generation family-owned business with world-class service and selections earning us our title as “Albany’s Finest.” Starting as a small watch repair business in 1922, we are now renowned for award-winning jewelry and luxury timepieces. We aim to provide our clientele with the highest quality of service and designers, focusing on providing you with pieces that capture life’s most amazing moments. Our Albany jewelry store serves clients in cities such as Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, and Lake George. Stop by to shop our finest selection of rings and jewelry.