Why You Should Buy Natural Diamonds

March 20th, 2022

A diamond is, in essence, a solid form of carbon. Arranged in a crystallized lattice, they are among the strongest stones in existence. Their brilliant appearance has inspired generations and has been used in jewelry for centuries. Naturally created diamonds are incredible works of art that were formed deep in the earth over millions of years. Our experts at Frank Adams Jewelers have composed a guide to explain why natural diamonds are the perfect choice for all of your amazing pieces of jewelry.

What Makes Natural Diamonds Special’

Natural diamonds are formed as a result of pressure and high temperature over millions of years compressing a piece of carbon into the stunning stones we know and love. Most diamonds are mined in Russia, but they are also mined in Botswana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and even Canada. They are then polished and cut in numerous ways to show off their natural radiance as best they can. Diamond mining has been rapidly declining in recent years with more of an environmentally friendly and ethical approach to the industry. The increase in supply makes existing natural diamonds all the more rare and valuable.

Characteristics of Natural Diamonds

Considered one of the hardest substances on Earth, diamonds are used for a variety of tools as well as luxurious pieces of jewelry. The crystalline structure of diamonds is heavily influenced by the areas that they are formed in. Diamonds of varying grades for clarity, carat, cut, and color all determine the prices of these natural phenomena. Certain cuts will look larger than others even though they are the same carat size. Picking out a diamond to build an engagement ring or adorn a piece of jewelry is a big responsibility that a trusted local jeweler at Frank Adams Jewelers can assist you with finding.

What are the Benefits’

The process from which a natural stone undergoes is something special. With each jewel, you are getting millions of years of history. Every imperfection is part of its history and makes the stones one-of-a-kind. These stones can better represent the nuances and uniqueness of your personal love story. Natural diamonds retain their value and can even increase depending on the market and their increasing rarity. When there aren’t any natural diamond mines left, then the natural diamonds that remain loose or are incorporated into beautiful jewelry will become even more valuable and prestigious to own.

Why are Natural Diamonds Right for You’

For those who need a more special piece with a romantic tale behind it, a natural diamond is better. The beauty of a natural diamond that cannot be replicated appeals to some more than mass-produced lab-grown equals. Knowing you are wearing a luxurious piece of the earth that one day may not be available ever again is incredible. With unique stones cut such as a round cut, princess cut, or oval cut, among the many diamond shapes to choose from, a natural stone will perfectly set the tone for your engagement ring, wedding band, or brilliant piece of diamond fashion jewelry. Professional jewelers like our team at Frank Adams can help you select the best natural diamonds for your budget and aesthetic.

Buy Natural Diamonds at Frank Adams Jewelers

Purchase an incredible natural diamond at Frank Adams Jewelers. With a century of experience serving our Albany community, we have the expertise you need to stay on-trend. Whether it is a precious engagement ring or a gift for a loved one, we have an incredible selection of diamond pieces to choose from. Our talented staff can repair your jewelry quickly and efficiently to bring your luxury items back to their original beauty. Contact our showroom at (518) 435-0075 for more information about our services and our fantastic selection.