When Should I Take Off My Engagement Ring

March 5th, 2023

A woman’s hand resting on someone’s jacketed arm, wearing a princess cut engagement ring

Engagement rings may be beautiful, but they are also delicate. Precious metals are certainly strong, but not impervious to everything. Gemstones are held using tiny, potentially breakable pieces of metal. It’s essential to take care of the engagement ring. Not only does this involve regular cleanings and occasional jewelry maintenance, but one should also protect the ring by avoiding dangerous circumstances. Here are a few occasions where it’s better to take the ring off or leave it at home.

A gold engagement ring with a prong set center stone leaning against a shell on the beach


Whether you plan to take a dip in the sea, the pool, or the hot tub, you should take the ring off first. This is because chemicals in the water can cause the ring to corrode or tarnish. Salt is particularly harmful for jewelry. Their combined effects can weaken prongs. Worse yet, water causes fingers to shrink, which can lead to rings slipping off. Engagement rings aren’t easy to find in water, especially in the ocean.


Few things are as romantic as cooking together. It establishes memories, creates bonds, and is a great way to show off your creativity. Donning an engagement ring in the process sounds like an excellent idea, right? Wrong. Oils can make the ring slippery while tarnishing gemstones and precious metals. Bacteria from raw food and the kitchen sink can hide underneath jewels.

A radiant cut diamond engagement ring with a plethora of side stones on a beige surface


Sure, it’s tempting to bring the engagement ring in the shower, but you should always take it off. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, and other personal care products have chemicals that nourish hair but damage jewelry. Steam and water are harmful to engagement rings as well. If the ring slips off, it can fall and hit a hard surface, damaging the piece.


Working out is beneficial for almost any lifestyle but can be dangerous for your ring. There are a lot of heavy moving parts, sweat, and hard surfaces. All of these can damage engagement rings. They can even cause cuts and scrapes to the wearer. If you’re lifting weights or jogging, you’ll want as few hindrances as possible to ensure complete freedom of movement.

A couple walking down a snowy path in the woods and holding hands


A long hike may be good for the body, but maybe not as great for engagement rings. Sweat and sunscreen can have a detrimental effect on engagement rings. Meanwhile, dirt and grime can accumulate in places you can’t see. Only skilled jewelers can thoroughly clean their various nooks and crannies.

Close up of two hands holding each other, the hand in the foreground donning an oval engagement ring

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