Proposal Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2023

January 5th, 2023

A couple holding hands with a solitaire engagement ring and watch in view

The most romantic day of the year sets the stage for a proposal that will truly melt your partner’s heart. Plan a proposal that is perfectly catered to their unique personality and preferences; no matter whether they are the type that would prefer a private, intimate proposal or an elaborate one surrounded by friends and family. Our team here at Frank Adams Jewelers has put together a guide to some ideas you might consider, punctuated by a designer engagement ring from our inventory.

Candlelit Dinner

Give your partner a sensory experience they will remember for years to come by taking them to a phenomenally romantic, candlelit dinner at either one of their favorite restaurants, or try out a place they have never been to yet that you have thoroughly vetted beforehand. They will likely be so overjoyed by the experience that they will not expect you to drop down on one knee at the end of it. Or, you could enlist the help of the waiter. Ask if they would bring the ring on a platter at the end of your meal.

A woman wearing a pear shaped halo ring with an interweaving band is having their hand held by their love

Sweet Surprise

If your love has a particular sweet tooth, you can certainly use this to your advantage this holiday. Have some custom conversation hearts printed with the date you met or started dating, some of your pet names for your partner, and, finally, “MARRY ME.” Or, if they are more of a chocolate person, purchase a box of fine, assorted chocolates, and replace the center piece of chocolate with the engagement ring. They certainly will not be expecting it when they open your gift.

Scavenger Hunt

Take them on a little adventure, and make a whole evening of your proposal by curating a scavenger hunt. Make each location on the hunt something meaningful to your relationship like the place you met, where you went on your first date, where you shared your first kiss, or where an inside joke of yours first began. Ask for the help of your partner’s closest family and friends, having them administer hints and giving the proposal an even more sentimental feeling.

A couple sitting close together about to kiss. The woman has her hand on the man’s face wearing an engagement ring

Romantic Getaway

For those that prefer to chase the sunshine and avoid the cold weather, perhaps a lovely tropical getaway would be an ideal place for a marriage proposal. Pack your trip full of intimate evenings and exciting adventures. Pick a perfect, picturesque moment to profess your love and eternal intentions. It will be a trip they will not soon forget.

An Intimate Proposal at Home

For some, the perfect evening is a quiet, cozy night at home with their loved ones. If this sounds like your partner, stock your fridge and your home with all of your love’s favorite things to create a delightful night in. Cuddle up by the fire with a few glasses of their favorite wine, put their favorite film on the TV, and ask them to be yours forever. They will appreciate the fact that you catered the proposal to their one-of-a-kind preferences and be all the more excited to say yes.

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