Fall in Love with These Romantic Jewelry Styles With Special Meaning

September 20th, 2021

romantic jewelry gifts

The odds are that you have a few pieces of jewelry in your wardrobe that stand out from the rest. From engagement and wedding rings to vintage pieces and heirlooms, these special items hold a unique place in your heart. If you’re looking for a romantic jewelry style—or a special gift to showcase your love—Frank Adams Jewelers has you covered. Keep reading for tips on selecting meaningful pieces that your loved one will treasure for years to come.

Beyond the Heart Necklace: Romantic Symbols

The most romantic jewelry gift is the one your sweetheart loves. However, certain designs and symbols have long been associated with love and passion. Of course, everyone is likely familiar with the classic heart shape, but there are a wealth of other symbols to consider. Here are some romantic symbols to look for the next time you visit the jewelry store:

  • Infinity: A symbol of undying affection, the infinity design comes from mathematics and resembles a horizontal number eight. The ultimate image of eternity, an infinity sign never stops flowing, just like your love.
  • Knots: Common in jewelry, knots are associated with lifelong love and commitment. In fact, some wedding ceremonies feature a hand-fasting ritual or other ceremony involving the tying of knots. It’s a great choice for romantic jewelry.

Three Stones

Are you considering a romantic ring to celebrate your love story? If so, a three-stone ring is a natural choice. Representing a couple’s past, present, and future with a trio of stones, this eye-catching design is a great option for engagement rings, but they can also be gifted for other milestones. For example, a couple may choose a three-stone ring to celebrate the birth of a first child. As a bonus, you can easily swap out diamonds for other gems with a special meaning to you or the birthstone of your child.

eternity rings

Journey Necklaces

You might be less familiar with the journey necklace; however, this style is well worth considering. Characterized by a signature S shape, the design symbolizes ever-growing love and passion due to the diamonds progressing in size. As a gift for your new bride, this necklace is a celebration and a promise of the journey ahead. It’s also a great gift choice for moms-to-be. The cascading line of diamonds is instantly breathtaking and makes for an unforgettable moment when presented as a gift.

romantic jewelry gifts


Lockets have a long history in the world of jewelry, starting with the first variation—the amulet—which was favored for its mysterious protective qualities. During the Victorian era, lockets were worn as a promise between lovers, a romantic symbol that carries on to this day. Be inspired by age-old tradition, and gift a beautiful locket to your one and only love.

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