2022 Year-End Round-Up: The Year’s Top Engagement Ring Designers

November 5th, 2022

The Year’s Top Engagement Ring Designers

Whether you’re hoping to find an engagement ring to make your partner’s holiday extra memorable or simply seeking out the top designers to watch in the future, Frank Adams Jewelers is here to help. Our showroom houses some of the most immaculate, sought-after bridal jewelry collections from designers around the world. Here are many of 2022’s most beloved brands.

Vintage Details by John Apel

Romantic, effeminate details like milgrain beading, mixed metal flourishes, and floral filigree are vintage-inspired characteristics that have overtaken the bridal jewelry world this year. Those seeking this elaborate luxury will undoubtedly find it among our selection of rings from John Apel.

This widely beloved designer crafts truly exquisite rings out of high-quality platinum and 18k gold to ensure these heirloom-worthy pieces last for generations. Impeccable craftsmanship meets top-tier materials and innovative design technology in this brand.

Vintage Details by John Apel

Sculptural Bands by Jack Kelege

A focus on the engagement ring band's beauty, texture, and visual interest has been a significant trend in bridal jewelry this year. Organic lines and sculptural shapes give these rings a wonderfully fresh and unique silhouette.

Oval Cut Diamond Rings by Mark Patterson

Beautifully elegant with a regal yet soft silhouette, the brilliant oval cut has risen significantly in popularity this year. Possessing nearly as much sparkle as the classic round cut, these stones are wonderfully reflective, and their elongated shape appears to extend the length of the wearer’s finger.

Mark Patterson makes exceptional use of this unique cut, with engagement ring settings that feature these stones vertically and horizontally. The latter is a special arrangement that makes for a wonderfully awe-inspiring ring. Design elements like bezel settings, hidden halos, and distinctive finishes allow these stones to pop.

Diamond Rings by Mark Patterson

Bold, Chunky Settings by Martin Flyer

This year, bolder was better. Thick statement settings have been steadily rising in the world of bridal jewelry, a design approach that stands in stark contrast to the long history of dainty engagement rings that have dominated the industry.

Statement Settings by Martin Flyer

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