John Apelian


For master craftsman John Apelian, creating fine jewelry is an expression of the extraordinary relationship between art and nature. Whether creating a delicate hand crafted floral earring or a wide oxidized cuff bracelet, his designs reflect nature with fluid shapes, sumptuous textures and vivid gemstones.
Born in Turkey, Apelian grew up studying technical arts. Shortly after school, John took a position working with a small jewelry company in Istanbul. In 1976, John and his wife, Hilda, came to the United States and opened a small jewelry repair shop, where he began working on his own designs. About fifteen years later, DiLaro, John Apel’s own jewelry manufacturing and design company was established. He quickly earned recognition for successfully combining antique rose-cut styles with modern fashion jewelry. In 2006, the line formerly known as DiLaro was rebranded under the designer’s moniker, John Apel.