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Guide to Matching Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

One’s bridal stack – their engagement ring and wedding band – represents the unending, unconditional love one shares with their spouse. These rings are meant to last in beauty and comfort for one’s life, forged in high-quality materials and featuring exquisitely cut stones. It is essential, then, that the rings wonderfully complement each other in style and silhouette and uniquely represent the wearer's personality and aesthetic preferences. Our experts at Frank Adams Jewelers have put together a guide to selecting engagement rings and wedding bands that create a fitting combination.

Pick Precious Metal

First, you’ll need to decide on the metal or metals you’d like to feature in your bridal stack. Think of the metal types most commonly featured in your existing jewelry collection, the type you feel works best with your skin tone and the metal types that best suit your unique style and personality. It is typical to select a wedding band and engagement ring forged in the same metal for a beautifully cohesive pair. You may, however, want to think outside the box a bit by mixing your metals.

Determine Style

It is essential, as well, to determine the overall style of the stack you’d like to achieve with these rings. Think of the clothing, decor, art, etc., that you’re typically drawn towards or feel best reflect your personality. For instance, if you most frequently prefer minimalism in art and fashion, seek out solitaire or three stone rings and an unadorned band. However, if you prefer more expressive designs, you may seek out an ornate engagement ring with a diamond-studded nesting band. Establishing the style will help you create a seamless stack.

Balance Aesthetics

Achieving balance can be a bit trying, but it is central to creating a fitting pair you’ll enjoy for years to come. You’ll need to look for pieces that celebrate one another, neither overpowering nor distracting from the other. One way to ensure balance is to select pieces with repeating design elements, perhaps communicating these elements in slightly different ways. Doing so will create cohesion and marry the rings together beautifully.

Shop Bridal Rings at Frank Adams Jewelers

Let Frank Adams Jewelers be your destination for designer bridal rings. Our Albany jewelry store is stocked with an immaculate selection of engagement rings and wedding bands by some of the most reputable names in the industry. It would be our pleasure to assist you in finding the bridal stack of your dreams. Contact us today for more information on our products and services, or stop by our showroom to speak with a staff member.