Guide to Engagement Ring Metal Types

Guide to Engagement Ring Metals

Proposing to your significant other is a huge decision that will begin a new part of your relationship. There are many designers and styles to choose from when it comes to picking out the engagement ring. The metal the ring is forged in is essential as they will be wearing the item for a long time. The ring’s material also affects its longevity and maintenance requirements. Our experts at Frank Adams Jewelers have put together a guide to the most popular engagement ring metal types.

White Gold

White gold provides versatile fashion that can be both bold and elegant. The luminous sheen of white gold is a popular engagement ring metal, further highlighting the center's brilliance and accent diamonds. White gold requires routine maintenance and rhodium dipping to retain its color and shine but is highly adaptable to most styles and colored gemstones. Nearly every designer has attractive options for this metal, many at various price points.

Yellow Gold

The natural glow of yellow gold provides a warm setting for contemporary and vintage rings. Brilliant white diamonds create a sophisticated style in yellow gold as the contrasting tones look lovely together. Routine cleanings and polishing are still necessary with these rings to ensure they stay pristine. Yellow gold engagement rings are timeless favorites that display your love in style. There is no better option than yellow gold for a classic look, as it has been used in jewelry for thousands of years.

Rose Gold

An ancient alloy of gold and copper, rose gold’s modern resurgence has popped up on all kinds of accessories. Rose gold exudes a feminine aesthetic with a touch of glamor. This metal is right at home in romantic designs and contemporary favorites with its pink glow. Diamonds and colorful gemstones alike look great in this warm-toned metal, complementing the metal’s color with brilliance and light. Rose gold is a beautiful family heirloom.


Platinum provides an incredible shine to diamonds and will make a breathtaking engagement ring. Its bright and sophisticated sheen is desirable and gorgeous, providing a radiant display. Highly durable due to its density, platinum is one of the rarest metals that is used in jewelry. Rings made out of platinum may be more expensive to purchase, but their ability to retain their value without much maintenance is worth much more than an initially cheaper ring.

Mixed Metal

Contemporary designers enjoy mixing different metals and styles into the same design. Collections with mixed metal rings are delightful and provide unique jewelry for those who want a dynamic, eccentric piece. A medley of multiple metals allows the ring to better match any tone jewelry that you may decide to wear with your bridal rings. There are many unique combinations that will satisfy a variety of aesthetics when you are searching for an engagement ring.

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