Jewelry Problems that Require Repairs

Despite being made of brilliant and hard materials, jewelry is delicate. These beautiful accessories exhibit plenty of small parts prone to breaking, such as prongs, clasps, chains, and posts. Everything from gravity to humidity can corrode and damage these exquisite pieces regardless of what they’re made from. Luckily, jewelry experts can fix these issues utilizing advanced tools and training. At Frank Adams Jewelers, we employ a talented staff of the best goldsmiths to ensure the longevity of all your favorite pieces.

Ring Resizing

Over time, it’s normal for ring sizes to fluctuate. Aging and weight changes are simply part of life. If your ring isn’t sized correctly, it is imperative that you resize it. If the piece is too tight, it can cut off circulation and cause discomfort (if it fits at all). Should the ring be too loose, it can slip off and become damaged or, even worse, lost. Head to a jeweler if you feel something’s wrong with your ring. We can get a completely accurate size and reshape the piece to fit perfectly.

Re-tipping or Replacing Prongs

Prongs are a vital part of all jewelry. These tiny metal spikes secure the gemstone while allowing the viewer to see every angle of the stone. However, prongs are prone to snapping. High temperatures can warp the precious metal, while saltwater and corrosion can corrode and tarnish the piece. If this happens to you, make sure to replace the prongs immediately. The stone can loosen and fall off the ring if another prong breaks.

Replace a Stone

If the prong breaks and you lose the gemstone, you’ll have to replace it. This is also true if you have a new diamond with which you’d like to replace an engagement ring’s center stone or you’re interested in an upgrade with one of our diamonds. Regardless of your reasons, only have a trusted jeweler mount the gemstone.

Replacing Chains or Clasps

Many chain necklaces and bracelets use delicate and intricate chains. These slender pieces evoke a complex and glamorous aesthetic, bolstered by a minimalist touch. However, they can break in many situations. Heat, salt, and gravity can easily damage chains, which would require professional repair. Clasps are also vulnerable. Lobster clasps are particularly prone to damage, as they feature very thin metal pieces. This is especially true when they are made of low-quality materials. Since clasps aren’t the necklace's centerpiece, they are sometimes made of relatively low-end materials to cut costs.

Changing Earring Posts

Earring posts are the small metal rods used on earring backs that thread through the ear and hold the piece in place. These fine spokes can be bent or snapped if not cared for properly. Earring posts can also warp from heat which can make them unusable. If this happens to your favorite pair, take them to a jeweler you trust.

Trust Jewelry to be Repaired at Frank Adams Jewelers

Since our 1922 origins, Frank Adams Jewelers has been Albany’s premier source for high-end jewelry and professional services. Our talented team of goldsmiths and gemologists is always prepared to repair your jewelry and help your pieces shine their brightest. We also offer a variety of beautiful jewelry made by today’s finest designer brands to ensure that every visitor receives the best accessories. No matter your needs, we will make your wildest dreams come true. Call us at (518) 435-0075 to learn more about everything we can do for you.